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English beginners


New to English ? Or maybe you had a break ?

Agnieszka Angelika Jastrzebska
Næste gang
onsdag 15. mar. kl. 16:00-18:30
Sidste gang
onsdag 29. mar. kl. 16:00-18:30
7.C´s klasselokale (lokale 20), LTU Fuglsanggårdsskolen
Antal ledige pladser
Der er 3 pladser tilbage.


New to English ? Or maybe you had a break ? Come and join me for the adventure of the year ! This is perfect for you if you had a break with English or if you do not know basic English. Or maybe you know little English, but you have a big problem with it at school ? This course is perfect for students who think they can't speak English or don't understand English most of the times. We will play games, use pictures, talk, sing, help with problems you have at school, cook, go to the cinema and do many fun things together.
There is a possibility of switching classes if you feel that this level is too low for you :)



Agnieszka Angelika Jastrzebska

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