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English beginners

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New to English ?

Raif Babajic
Afviklet mandag 18. mar. kl. 16:30-18:30
7.B´s klasselokale (lokale 18), LTU Fuglsanggårdsskolen
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Hello and welcome to English on LTU! In the English team we will focus on making the subject fun. There is room for everyone and everyone is welcome. At the beginning, we look at how far you are as a student and what you would like to improve at. Whether it is grammar, pronunciation, understanding of English history/culture, homework etc. The teaching will be divided by level, so that you meet someone who you can work with at your own level and pace. There will also be room for fun! There will be excursions and much more. Come by and learn English - or get better at it! We look forward to welcoming you to LTU!



Raif Babajic

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